Raspbian Software Highlights

July 10, 2016

Raspbian OS

Raspbian OS

Following is a list of some (not all) of the software installed with Raspbian – Jessie release.

  • Archiver – file compression tool to create or extract.
  • Calculator – calculator with basic, scientific and paper modes.
  • Claws Mail – a powerful email client and news reader
  • Debian Reference – Reference documents for Debian, the operating system that the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian is based on.
  • File Manager – Lightweight graphical manager for files.
  • Geany editor – an integrated development environment for programming.
  • Image Viewer – basic image / picture viewer.
  • Java IDEs – BlueJ and Greenfoot
  • LibreOffice Suite – a full-fledged office suite.
  • LXTerminal – Linux command line shell / terminal.
  • Mathematica – computational software used in technical fields based on symbolic mathematics.
  • Minecraft: Pi Edition – a version of Minecraft – build and explore Lego-like virtual worlds.  Intended as an educational tool for novice programmers (can modify game), but still fun to play.
  • Node-RED – IBM’s visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things.
  • PDF Viewer – portable document format viewer.
  • Pi Store – with internet connection, and an account, access The Pi Store to buy Apps.
  • Python 2 – Integrated Development Environment for Python programming – for version 2.x Python.
  • Python 3 – same as Python 2 but for version 3.x Python.
  • Python Games – a collection of simple games.
  • Raspberry Pi Resources – link to raspberrypi.org/resources.
  • Scratch –graphical programming environment designed to teach programming concepts.
  • Sonic Pi –sound programming environment to synthesize sounds.
  • Text Editor – simple text editor.
  • Web Browser – Raspbian’s internet web browser.
  • Wolfram – a computational language knowledge engine that works with Mathematica.

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