Change Raspberry Pi Operating System

August 25, 2015

Changing the Operating System with NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software)

Raspian Operating System image

Raspbian Operating System (2015)

Following steps apply to SDs that have NOOBS installed. This can be obtained from the Raspberry Pi NOOBS download page or from many Pi suppliers including MBTechWorks (our Raspbian SD includes NOOBS).

Effective NOOBS 1.3.10 release, you must be connected to internet to change the operating system (OS). Raspberry Pi no longer keeps copies of all OS variations on the SD card due to space. When other OS are selected, they are downloaded real-time during installation.

  1. Connect a wired keyboard (wireless doesn"t usually work) to upper USB port next to Ethernet (seems to be a quirk/bug in some releases).
  2. Insert your SD with NOOBS.
  3. Boot Raspberry Pi and as soon as the GUI screen displays the red raspberry image, hold the Shift key down for 2 seconds.
  4. Deselect current installed OS and check the desired OS.
  5. Select desired Language and Keyboard at bottom of screen.
  6. Click Install (i) at top, left of NOOBS box.
  7. The new OS will install.
  8. Follow steps 1. - 7. to install a different OS or re-install the recommended Raspbian OS.

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